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Psychological Coaching  

Are you ready for a sustainable change? 


Psychological Coaching provides a comprehensive, structured approach to supporting you and your organisation to achieve new and better outcomes using different processes, priorities and/or patterns. 


Sustainable and transformational change does not happen randomly, but rather through purposeful and dynamic change strategies that anticipate, influence and respond from a place of courage, creativity and compassion, instead of fear, unconscious habits and doubt. 


Change can seem impossible at times and daunting often. Change cannot be performed properly without engaged people.  That’s where Psychological Coaching can help you shed the overwhelm, guilt and fatigue that is weighing you down. Psychological Coaching can help you be more engaged, step up, take action and make the difference that only you can make.  

Psychological Coaching framework will  support you through your change journey so you can respond to emergent and shifting factors, events and evolving expectations more effectively. 

Transformative Leadership & Executive Coaching 

Welcome High Achievers! 

  • Do you feel ready to become more effective in your role and in the performance of your team? 

  • Do you find yourself working too hard for little results? 

  • Are you questioning your ability to lead effectively? 

  • Do you find it hard to focus on your goals and motivate your team? 


If you’re feeling this way, you're not alone and you may benefit from one-on-one leadership coaching. 


So how can you bring out the best in yourself and others, without losing sight of your main organisational objectives? 


I will work with you from the inside out at both an individual and/or organisational level, to elicit profound change from within. I can help you discover the tools you need to realise your full potential, whatever your aspirations and to change the culture of your organisation for the better. 


Some benefits of Transformative Leadership and Executive coaching include:   

  • Making more impactful decisions 

  • Accelerating your ability to grow strategically and overcome hurdles faster 

  • Reaching beyond what you expected, both as a person and as a leader  

  • Freeing you from isolation by providing the support you need 

  • Working to support you through constant change  

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Through my counselling and psychotherapy practice you will have the opportunity to re-focus your mind on the changes that you desire to achieve and to identify and pursue new life-changing directions.


Our work together will put your investments in context when you get back to your life with increased confidence and resilience. 

My practice will help equip you for stronger relationships, successful marriage, healthy separation, new parenting, difficult children, career change, weight management, sports performance, retirement, loss, Veterans' PTSD etc. 

I apply relational approaches combined with psychologically-informed behaviour change techniques to help you work through any psychological problems you might be experiencing. Whether you are seeking change or want to leave behind shame, old hurt or work through your grief, I can help. 

Consultancy and Training

Through strategic and imaginative thinking I will help you define opportunities and identify the best strategies to realise them.  I will  help you to continuously adapt to the changing landscape of your organisation and maintain positive momentum towards achieving your goals. 

Furthermore, I run regular workshops within the higher education and private sector on a variety of subjects including:  

  • Mental resilience,  

  • Stress, Anxiety and Burn out in the workplace,  

  • Positive leadership,  

  • Imposter syndrome and perfectionism,  

  • Engineering habits that stick,  

  • Thrive and Flourishing in workplace and at home and so on 

  • Line Managers Tool Kit  

  • Organisational Psychology 


The workshops and training courses I run are very interactive and evidence-based. They are packed with strategies, exercises and tools to equip you and your people with essential psychological skills for a more productive and positive workforce. 


If you are interested in bespoke workshops for you and your organisation you can get in touch with me via email to discuss your needs and objectives. 

Image by Sharad Bhat

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