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Grow & Thrive

Coaching, Counselling

and Training

with Dr Mas Minou

I coach executives who want to grow and thrive by creating clear pathways and influencing their followers.

Meet Mas

Certified Coach and Psychologist

I’ve always been fascinated by human psychology and how humans mind work – specifically how we relate to our sense of self, as well as our wider family, friends, our work and communities, our health and wellbeing, and our culture and physical and social environment. 


This fascination with human psychology has guided my studies, career path, priorities, and sense of purpose, from my days at university, my early career as a teacher and researcher, right up to now. 

It’s helped me establish my values-led ethos and form my work philosophy – that work is a practise of creative self-expression and should be meaningful and fulfilling. 

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What I Specialise In

Psychological Coaching

Feel Empowered. Change Lives. Live your Dream 

Psychological Coaching supports you both emotionally and practically to navigate through changes that need to occur to achieve success. 

Transformative leadership & Executive Coaching 

I coach outstanding leaders to achieve incredible goals  


Transformational leadership takes places when leaders are able to influence followers and inspire them to perform beyond their perceived capabilities and achieve remarkable outcome. 

Couselling & Psychotherapy

Our relationship with ourselves or with others, our health, financial situation, career, family, fitness can all get complicated.


Within a safe and confidential space I offer effective and practical approaches to help you reach your desired outcomes.

Training & Workshops

Understand reality, identify opportunity, create tangible impact  


By combining insight, strategy and innovative techniques, I will help you explore and act on opportunity.  

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The Journey Towards Transformation Begins on the Path of Self Awareness. Begin Your Journey Today.

“Mas, has a wonderful nature and presence that puts you at ease immediately, she creates a fantastic environment to test, challenge, and cultivate your leadership. Mas has transformed my approach to the working world and enabled me to find solutions to leadership problems that I used to find extremely challenging.  I now have a robust tool kit that enables me to be adaptable and independent in my growth, learning and outputs.” 

- Senior Manager, Swansea University

Mas had the ability to understand where I was at and help me think more clearly about my options moving forward. She had the ability to push me beyond my self-imposed boundaries, which really helped me be more open about new pathways.  By taking this coaching I was able to express my thoughts and concerns in an open and non-judgemental way that really helped me see the different options I had, and how to best approach, and put into action, various plans.  I really appreciated the coaching I had with Mas and can thoroughly recommend it. 

- Professor in Science

Mas is an insightful encouraging coach. She shows much warmth and that helped me to open up and be me. She has integrity and I enjoyed her challenges of me which were very pertinent.


I was supported in exploring the solutions that I already knew but was avoiding. 

- K, Therapist 

Great coaching sessions that really helped me to regain focus at a difficult time.  The sessions enabled me to understand strengths in my work environment yet develop new strategies to manage myself and strive forward in difficult areas. I consequently gained a greater confidence and sense of well-being.  Overall a positive result!

- Female executive, Swansea University 

Let's Thrive Together

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